נגינה: דורי שלם
סייעו בכתיבת הטקסט: אמיר דנציגר, בני שוורץ

Now it is my turn
Hear them, chanting my name
I see me on a stage
Pretending and playing the game
It’s my time to shine
The lights are on me, and it’s fine
The world is in my hand
That’s where I stand

Film star, film star,
Don’t forget from where you are
Film star, film star
Don’t let yourself, go too far
Unless you wanna be a falling star

Oh no, I really can’t,
I’m truly, terrified of that
How fame and I connect
Going now down in regret
Staying home tonight
Someone please turn off the lights
I can’t be what you think
So let me just dream!

The day has finally come
I’m here now, exactly on time
Still have second thoughts
Believe in me, don’t let me walk
That what makes me strong
This really can’t go so wrong
They laughing at my name
Now time to turn

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